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Total Square Footage Measured Standard Price Premium Price iGuide Only
0-1000 sq ft $250 $280 $199
1001-2500 sq ft $297 $327 $199
2501-3000 sq ft $327 $357 $239
3001-3500 sq ft $407 $439 $297
3501-4000 sq ft $467 $527 $347
4001-4500 sq ft $547 $599 $397
4501-5000 sq ft $607 $675 $449
5001+ sq ft Inquire for quote

  • Unlike other options - No monthly web hosting fees!
  • Alberta RMS Measurements with option to view exterior or interior area.
  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • Interactive Floorplan - upgrade to Premium for a higher detailed floorplan and a virtual reality tour.
  • iGuide Report
  • iGuide Analytics
  • Neighbourhood Information
  • Property website that includes everything you ordered!
  • Important, please read: When calculating your iGuide price, the total square footage that the system measures will be what determines the invoice charge. Non-RMS areas (IE: below grade areas, detached garages, open areas, areas with ceilings less than 5 feet and other detached buildings that are measured will count towards the total square footage rate for your iGuide. If you do not want a basement, other below grade levels or detached buildings measured, please let me know before the shoot to keep costs down.

Interior and Exterior Photos Only

Total Square Footage Premium Photos
Aerial Package
Urban Properties - up to 5
Aerial Package
Rural Properties - up to 15
0-2500 sq ft $169 + $165 + $179
2501-3500 sq ft $229 + $165 + $179
3501-5000 sq ft $359 + $185 + $199
5001+ sq ft Inquire for quote + $250 flat rate + $250 flat rate
Enhancement Package What's included:
All properties: $45 Blue Sky Replacement
TV Screen Cleanup - removes unwanted reflections
Add flames to a fireplace - please ensure fireplace works so this is not a misrepresentation

  • Square footage based on total square footage (IE: above grade + below grade).
  • I generally do not include photos of utility rooms, garage interiors, closets and small laundry rooms. If you require these shots, please let me know and I'll happily include them.
  • Due to Covid restrictions, I ask that the property is completely vacant for the interior portion of the shoot. I will follow necessary guidelines when on site. Staging will be very limited so please ensure the house is ready.
  • Cancellation Fee: A cancellation fee of $50 will apply (plus applicable travel fees, if any) to bookings that are cancelled within 12 hours or if the property is not ready to photograph upon arrival. Dire circumstances will be taken into consideration. I will always respect your time and I ask for the same in return. I will do my best to work with you in unusual situations to prevent a full cancellation. Thank you!

Video Walk-Through

Total Square Footage HD Video
Aerial Package
(Highlight exterior features from above!)
0-1500 sq ft $269 (60 - 90 seconds approx.) + $165
1501-3000 sq ft $369 (1 - 2 min approx.) + $185
3001-5000 sq ft $475 (2 - 3 min approx.) + $215
5001+ sq ft Inquire for quote + $250 flat rate
Aerial Photography Only

Urban Residential
(Smaller Properties)
Rural Residential
(Farms and Acreages)
$199 $265
Ground Exteriors add $50 Ground Exteriors add $50

  • Transport Canada Certified RPAS / VLOS
  • Transport Canada Registered
  • Insured for $2 million Liability
  • Drone will be flown according to all current rules, regulations and notices under Transport Canada and NAV Canada
  • Bookings may need to be rescheduled due to weather. High winds, icing and cold temperatures will adversely affect a booking.


Feature Price Notes
MLS Room Measurements $40 Interior rooms measured. This is not RMS area measurements or a floorplan and only dimensions of the main rooms of the home. Small utility rooms, closets, pantry's, etc. are not included.
Already included with an iGuide booking!
Twilight Photography $95 Add beautiful exterior twilight images to make your listing stand out! Exterior portion of the shoot will take place around sunset.
Virtual Twilight Edit $40 / photo Exterior photo editing to convert a regular daytime image to a twilight image!
Sky replacement included.
Virtual Staging $59 / photo Furniture and decor will be naturally edited in a photo of an empty room.
Detail Photos $50 Up to 5 feature photos included to showcase unique and beautful parts of the home.
Example: close-ups of running faucets, lighting, fountains, home decor, etc.
Seasonal Update $125 Update your listing's exterior photos to show off the current season.
Add-On Sample Images

Virtual Twilight
before virtual twilight editafter virtual twilight edit
Photo Enhancement Package
(Fireplace flames, sky replacement and television screen clean up)
Fireplace no flamesFireplace after flames edit
exterior photo cloudyexterior photo blue sky edit
Travel Fees

Free travel to the following areas with an iGuide + Photo package:
  • Airdrie
  • Beiseker
  • Calgary
  • Carstairs
  • Chestermere
  • Cremona
  • Crossfield
  • Didsbury
  • Irricana
  • Olds
  • Water Valley
A travel fee will be applied to the invoice for the following areas:
  • Banff - $135
  • Canmore - $85
  • Cochrane - $50
  • Drumheller - $55
  • Innisfail - $45
  • Okotoks - $55
  • Red Deer - $55
  • Strathmore - $55
  • Sundre - $50
  • Sylvan Lake - $55

Note: If you have another location in mind, let me know and I'll get you an accurate rate.
I try to be very fair with my travel fees. I structure the pricing to cover my driving expenses to the least possible. I do not factor in the time it takes me away from other work. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to accomodate your requirements.

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