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iGuide + Photos Package

Free travel to Calgary, Cochrane, Water Valley, Airdrie, Crossfield, Carstairs, Olds, Irricana and Beiseker (with an iGuide + Photo package).
Total Square Footage Measured iGuide + Photos
Package Deal
Photos Only iGuide Only
0-1000 sq ft $299 $175 $210
1001-2000 sq ft $310 $185 $240
2001-2500 sq ft $330 $215 $260
2501-3000 sq ft $360 $225 $290
3001-3500 sq ft $430 $255 $320
3501-4000 sq ft $470 $295 $360
4001+ sq ft Inquire    

Aerial - Advanced Certified

Aerial view of log house on an acreage near Olds Alberta

Aerial Photos

Urban Residential Photos
(City / Town Properties)
Up to 5 Photos
Rural Residential Photos
(Farms and Acreages)
10-15 photos
Add-On: $115Add-on: $199
Aerials only: $225Aerials only: $275
Aerial Video
Add-on with iGuide + Photo Package: $225
(+$75 for an additional vertical social media version)

Aerial exterior video using a drone recorded in 4K quality.

Edited to licenced music and color graded. 

Social media versions are converted to a vertical format. (Add-on)

Aerial Photos + Video Package

Add-on with iGuide + Photo Package: $295

(+$75 for an additional vertical social media video)


Stand-alone rate: $375 + travel (if applicable)




Square Footage FilmedHD Video
Aerial Video
0-1500 sq ft



+ $100
1501-3000 sq ft



+ $100
3001-5000 sq ft



+ $100
5001+ sq ft$625++ $150
Agent Intro - $45
Instagram / TikTok Vertical Format Edit - $100

Other Services

Social Media REEL - $99

  • Quick walk-through style video delivered in a vertical resolution, perfect for your Instagram and TikTok reels.  
  • Upbeat licenced music
  • 30 seconds – 2 minutes depending on the size of the house

YouTube Slideshow - $49

  • A custom slideshow of the property featuring still photos and licenced music with your branding and contact information.  

Detail Photos - $55

  • Closer views of features of the home
  • Shot with a wider than normal aperture to put emphasis on the feature
  • Vertical and horizontal compositions
  • 3-5 photos
detail photo of soaker tub for relaxing
feature photo of couch and living room coffee table

Rush Delivery - $75

Same day delivery.  Must be advised before the shoot.  

Twilight / Pre-Dawn Shoot - $185

The main exterior shot(s) captured minutes after the sun sets or just before sunrise.  Add this to catch they eye of buyers scrolling through the MLS.  

twilight photo real estate farm house

Virtual Staging - $45 - $55 per photo

Furniture and décor will be naturally edited in a photo of an empty room.  


virtual staging living room
virtual staging primary bedroom

Virtual Twilight Edit - $25

Turn a regular day-time exterior photo into a colour popping twilight shot!

virtual twilight of a shop house near olds alberta

Seasonal Update - $135 (+ travel)

Has the grass started growing?  New exteriors will look great compared to the old snowy photos. 

summer exterior photo


Free travel with an iGuide + Photo package or an invoice sub-total of $300+ (of the same property / same day) to:

  • Calgary 
  • Airdrie
  • Cochrane
  • Crossfield
  • Carstairs
  • Didsbury
  • Olds
  • Water Valley


$60 / hour - actual driving time from Crossfield

Without an iGuide + Photo package or for places further than 45 mins actual driving time from Crossfield, a fee of $60 / hour will be charged for the full trip.

Example: Red Deer – 2 hours round trip = $120 travel fee

This covers my fuel and other associated costs but to your benefit, I’m not factoring in my time away where I could be fitting in another job.  

I try to keep the travel fee as reasonable as possible.

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